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  • The Light Within: The Extraordinary Friendship of a Doctor and Patient Brought Together by Cancer.

    A doctor and a patient create a connection that enriches both in The Light Within: The Extraordinary Friendship of a Doctor and Patient Brought Together by Cancer. By Diana Price The first meeting between gynecologic oncologist Lois M. Ramondetta, MD, and ovarian cancer patient Deborah Sills did not go well: Dr. Ramondetta was awakened from […]

  • Hispanic Women Speak Out About Breast Cancer

    Each woman will meet her cancer diagnosis with a different cultural background that will often influence her journey in many ways. For Latina women—among whom breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the number one cancer killer—the impact of family and culture is especially strong. In Nuestras Historias: Mujeres Hispanas Sobreviviendo el Cáncer […]

  • In Their Own Words: Colorectal Cancer Survivors

    Rozanne Prisament, Diagnosed at Age 50 I had absolutely no risk factors for colorectal cancer and had a healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising, and getting at least eight hours of sleep. Although I rarely went to a doctor, preferring alternative remedies, I went to a general practitioner when the abdominal pain began. To my dismay […]

  • Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

    The View from the IVth Floor One woman shares some hard-won wisdom from years of living with metastatic cancer—and encourages laughter along the way. by Teri Cooper Borrowed time—technically, that’s what I’m living on. Diagnosed a second time with Stage IV breast cancer metastases to brain, liver, lung and bones, research told me I had […]

  • Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips

    Author Kris Carr shares advice for living with cancer and living large in spite of cancer By Mia James A new voice among young cancer survivors—a group gaining notoriety for their bold, outspoken determination to live fully in spite of their diagnoses—belongs to Kris Carr, award-winning actress, photographer, filmmaker, and, since her 2003 diagnosis of […]

  • Cancer’s Glamour Girl

    Down-to-earth and down-to-business when it comes to cancer advocacy, Erin Zammett Ruddy discusses her very public journey with chronic myeloid leukemia and why she continues to share her story. by Diana Price Erin Zammett Ruddy always wanted to be famous—at least a little bit. In My (So-Called) Normal Life, the memoir she wrote after she […]

  • Regaining the Joy of Intimacy: One Woman’s Story

    By Kari Bohlke Dr. Barbera Honnebier is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Hawaii. Two years ago, at the age of 42, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare tumor of the airways. When asked about how cancer affected her life, her sexuality, and her intimate relationships, she immediately responds, “My cancer changed everything.” After […]

  • Fran Drescher: Cancer Schmancer

    Actress, producer, and advocate Fran Drescher launches a movement created to change the way policy makers and patients think about cancer and healthcare. By Diana Price When I speak with Fran Drescher, it’s 9 a.m. in Los Angeles and she has already been on two business calls that morning. She’s just finishing making her breakfast, […]

  • Writing for Her Life

    Keeping a journal leads one cancer survivor to transform her cancer journey. By Beverly Kirkhart In 1991 the storybook existence that I was living shattered. My marriage ended in divorce. I was forced to file bankruptcy, losing my home and my business. At times I found myself living out of my car. Through the worst […]

  • Life’s Lessons Learned Early

    By Diana Price When Pia Awal went to the emergency room in June 2002 after suffering from a fever that antibiotics couldn’t wipe out and bone pain that was getting increasingly worse, the last thing she expected to hear was a cancer diagnosis. And when the doctors delivered the news that her symptoms were the […]

  • Lynn Redgrave: Strength Revealed

    Actress Lynn Redgrave describes the diagnosis—and the artistic endeavor—that revealed her own strength and shed light on the treasures in her life. by Diana Price Actress Lynn Redgrave describes the diagnosis—and the artistic endeavor—that revealed her own strength and shed light on the treasures in her life. Though not the only hard-won lesson learned, it […]

  • Jaclyn Smith: Knowledge is Power

    Jaclyn Smith’s diagnosis of breast cancer taught her the value of becoming educated about her health and the power of being lifted by love. by Diana Price Jaclyn Smith was too busy to have breast cancer. The successful actress, entrepreneur, and mother of two had things to do and places to go when she went […]

  • Positively Determined

    Fierce optimism and an indefatigable spirit led Carol Harlig through two bouts of breast cancer and onto a path of resolute advocacy. by Diana Price Carol Harlig was 47 years old and in excellent health when a routine mammogram detected ductal carcinoma in 1991. Her stage II breast cancer diagnosis was followed by a lumpectomy, […]

  • Diahann Carrol: Sharing Her Benefit

    Pioneering actress Diahann Carroll shares the story of the road that has led from a private moment of diagnosis and self-reflection to a very public, country-wide campaign to educate women about the importance of breast cancer screening. By Diana Price “You know there’s a certain combination of arrogance and humility that one must have to […]

  • Gratitude and Grace: The Sheryl Crow Interview

    By Diana Price Sheryl Crow’s quiet, easy voice catches me a little off-guard. She’s a rock star, after all, and I don’t know if I’m expecting her to belt something out right there into the phone or if I just expect a more forceful presence. The woman I’m speaking to, instead, offers me a sense […]

  • Hoda Kotb: Transform and Transcend

    NBC Today Show co-anchor Hoda Kotb discusses her journey with breast cancer and her decision to make her story public. By Diana Price When I pick up the phone to speak with NBC Today Show co anchor Hoda Kotb, her greeting is full of energy and warmth that transcends the phone lines. Truth be told, […]

  • Finding Faith

    Oncology chaplain Debra Jarvis writes about her own breast cancer diagnosis and her work as a chaplain at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in her new book, It’s Not About the Hair: And Other Certainties of Life & Cancer. By Diana Price When Debra Jarvis was diagnosed with breast cancer, a common response from people […]

  • Peggy Fleming: Challenge of a Lifetime

    By Diana Price As an Olympic champion figure skater and a lifelong athlete, Peggy Fleming has always been in tune with her body. “My body was always the tool to my success as an athlete,” Peggy says,”so I’m very aware; and when I feel something different, I always have it checked out.” But in January […]

  • A Mother’s Legacy: The Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research

    By Diana Price Lynne Cohen was not a celebrity, and the foundation that now bears her name is not fueled by star power. Instead the Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian Cancer Research (LCFOCR), founded in 1998 and based in Los Angeles, is inspired and funded by something much more powerful: the love of family and […]

  • Survivors Become Peer Mentors to Newly Diagnosed Women

    By Diana Price Jacqueline Agresta The Pregnant with Cancer Network In 2003 Jacqueline Agresta, 33, of Long Island, New York, was four months pregnant with her first child when she found lump in her right breast. Because she had cystic breasts and had had benign lumps removed in the past, Jacqueline wasn’t all that worried […]

  • Olivia Newton-John: Living to Thrive

    Olivia Newton-John embraces the busy life that allows her to be an advocate, a performer, and a force for positive change. By Diana Price Olivia Newton-John prefers the word thriver to survivor. And there’s no doubt that though the passionate singer, actress, and advocate has survived her share of physical and emotional trauma, she lives […]

  • One Survivor Makes Her Mark

    Breast cancer survivor Courtney Kapp translates personal passions into advocacy. By Diana Price The personal pursuits that led breast cancer survivor Courtney Kapp through treatment—yoga and hiking—continue to inspire her as she brings her passions to other survivors and raises funds for breast cancer research in the process. “Yoga and hiking both work for me […]

  • Abundantly Blessed

    Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, who has spent the past year sharing her breast cancer journey with viewers, describes the inspiration and the challenges of facing a diagnosis in the public eye. By Diana Price When I talk to Robin Roberts, co-anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America (GMA), she has probably been up for almost […]

  • Lessons from the Chemo Room

    By Stacia Deutsch My husband hated the chemo room from the moment we entered the oddly shaped space at the back of my oncologist’s office. Seven recliners were set around the room, accompanied by chairs for guests and side tables for drinks and magazines. A nice enough setup, right? So what was the problem? You’d […]

  • Truly Mom, Truly Grateful

    Together with three dedicated friends, Stage IV breast cancer survivor Michelle Nicastro puts her gratitude and her passion for motherhood to work in a company created to help busy moms spend time where it really counts. By Diana Price “I’m just so happy to be here,” says Stage IV breast cancer survivor Michelle Nicastro, her […]

  • Hope in Bloom

    Breast cancer survivors and their families in Massachusetts benefit from an organization dedicated to creating garden sanctuaries. Roberta Hershon and her friend Beverly Eisenberg spent many wonderful hours together immersed in their Massachusetts gardens—planning, visiting nurseries, and working together in the dirt. When Beverly was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, her close circle of […]

  • The Word is Vixen Not Victim

    Marisa Acocella Marchetto’s memoir, Cancer Vixen, tells one woman’s story of survival in graphic detail. By Diana Price Vixen is a big, powerful word. It suits perfectly the kind of woman you might picture striding around New York City in “killer 5-inch heels,” and there’s no doubt that it’s just the thing for a woman […]

  • Jonna's Body, Please Hold

    Actress, playwright, and three-time cancer survivor Jonna Tamases celebrates life from center stage. By Mia James Among Jonna Tamases’s defining characteristics are that she is an actress and a writer and that she has survived three cancer diagnoses. For a time, though, Jonna’s professional life and medical history existed more or less independent of each […]

  • Survivor Stories

    No two people experience cancer in exactly the same way. Nevertheless, common themes emerge in conversations with cancer survivors, and these shared experiences form the basis for support, encouragement, empathy, and even humor. Here, women and men who are living with cancer or have completed treatment and are cancer-free share their stories of survival, from […]

  • Caregiving and Sibling Relationships

    By the Family Caregiver Alliance Providing care for an aging or ill parent can bring out the best and the worst in sibling relationships. Ideally, the experience of caregiving is a time for siblings to come together and provide mutual support to one another. As a stressful transition, however, the pressure can also lead to […]

  • Taking Care of You

    by The Family Caregiver Alliance First, Care for Yourself On an airplane an oxygen mask descends in front of you. What do you do? As we all know, the first rule is to put on your own oxygen mask before you assist anyone else. Only when we first help ourselves can we effectively help others. […]

  • Communicating with Doctors

    There is a great deal to be gained by improving communications between family caregivers and healthcare professionals, especially physicians.  Better care for the patient, less stress and illness for the caregiver, more efficient use of doctors’ time, reduced costs and improved satisfaction for all concerned can be achieved when caregivers communicate effectively with physicians.  To […]

  • Life after Treatment

    Completing treatment for cancer is an accomplishment. You may feel a great sense of relief as some of the anxiety and discomfort subside and the inconvenience is over. After thinking about cancer every waking moment during treatment, you need to resolve a few issues as you begin to recover physically and move on with your […]

  • Movement and Exercise

    Embarking on a serious exercise program while undergoing cancer treatment is usually not a good idea. However, maintaining energy for your current daily activity level is important as is regaining any lost strength. Always check with your physician before beginning any exercise program to determine what activity level is most appropriate for you. Be sure […]

  • Advanced Directives

    Living Wills Every competent adult has, in most cases, the freedom to accept or refuse medical treatment. When you are well, you can talk with your physician and family and make your wishes known. However, severe illness or an accident could result in an inability to communicate or to make choices. During that time, important […]

  • Home Health Care

    Home health care professionals enable patients to receive medical attention in the comfort and convenience of their home. Many services can be provided in the home that once required a visit to the physician’s office or hospital. Services are as individualized as the patient being helped and range from simple injections to complete care for […]

  • Birth Control and Sexuality

    We are sexual beings from the day we are born until the day we die. Regardless of age or health, human beings are capable of sexual pleasure. Illness may affect your sexuality, but it need not end it. Always remember: you cannot get or transmit cancer by touching, hugging, kissing, or by other sexual activity. […]

  • Journaling

    A person’s cancer journey can be a time of deep reflection, a time for peacemaking and a time to express fears, hopes, and dreams. Often by merely writing about feelings, a person can attain a sense of perspective and inner peace. For this reason, patients are encouraged to explore journaling during their cancer treatment and […]

  • Support Groups

    Having the support of others while going through cancer treatment can be important to the healing process. Naturally, most patients first turn to their family and friends for encouragement and emotional support. But something quite valuable can be gained by participating in a group with people who are undergoing a similar situation. Many patients have […]

  • Healing Environments

    Creating a Sacred Space for Health, Healing and Hope Through the ages, sacred space has adopted many forms. Stonehenge with its ancient rituals, the miracles of Lourdes, the Holy Land and Mecca, the Great Pyramids, Native American burial grounds, and the exotic temples of Tibet all represent transformational healing grounds. Each provides a place of […]

  • Caregivers

    What is Caregiving and Who are Caregivers? Caregivers are individuals who provide care to chronically ill or disabled family members or friends.  It is estimated that more than one quarter of the adult population, or more than fifty million people, have been caregivers.  Men now make up 44% of the caregiving population; and family caregivers […]

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