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HOAF Face Mask Policy Update Effective November 1

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) have recently lifted requirements for mandatory face coverings in most healthcare settings in areas where community levels of infections are not considered high.  

Effective Tuesday, November 1st, we will no longer be requiring face masks for patients, visitors, staff or providers. The use of masks will be optional.

However, we strongly recommend that anyone who is immunocompromised, or has a high risk for infection, continue to wear a mask in our office, and in public.

If you choose to continue wearing a mask, and more importantly, if you want our staff and providers to be masked when seeing you in our office, we will gladly do so to ensure you always feel protected and safe.

We have set up a process to alert staff and ensure this happens. Simply ask the Front Desk when checking in to ensure your care team remains masked for your appointment(s). 


If you have recently been exposed or have symptoms of COVID or any other illness, please contact the office prior to your appointment for further instructions.   

Should you be cleared to come in, please wear a mask, even if you have tested negative for COVID. You should continue to wear a mask until you no longer have any symptoms of illness.

HOAF follows CDC and VDH guidelines closely, and we remain proactive in adjusting our policies to ensure we are protecting our patients and the community. Therefore, this policy may change in the future.

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