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Cannabis and Cancer Care Continued with Gabriela Montes

Cancer Shop Talk Podcast Episode 9 Gabriela Montest

Dr. Vaughn talks with certified cannabis nurse and member of the Cannabis Nurses Association and Cannabis Nurses Network Gabriela Montes about treating symptoms with cannabis. Listen now to go behind the diagnosis, learn about how nurses are educating themselves to accurately dose cannabinoids to help relieve patients’ symptoms, side effects to treatment, and more. 

Dr Vaughn: Welcome to Cancer Shop Talk, Behind the Diagnosis. Today, we are speaking with a certified cannabis nurse. I am excited to introduce Gabriela Montez, who is a member of the Cannabis Nurses Association and Cannabis Nurses Network.


Cannabis and Cancer Care with Dr. Katia Tonkin

Dr. Vaughn talks with Oncologist and Society of Cannabis Clinicians board member Dr. Katia Tonkin about the changing role of cannabis in cancer care and pain management. Listen now to go behind the diagnosis and learn more about the medical use of cannabis and best practices in clinical care.

Dr Vaughn: Welcome to Cancer Shop Talk, Behind the Diagnosis.  Today’s episode begins our new series on Medical Cannabis.  We’re connecting with providers, subject matter experts, and patients to go behind medical cannabis and uncover how the treatment is used when it comes to oncology.  Today we’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Katia Tonkin to the show.


Cancer Care & Nutrition Featuring the Dr. Yum Project

Dr. Vaughn sits down with two physicians behind The Dr. Yum Project. Dr. Nimali Fernando (Dr. Yum founder) and Dr. Santhi Nair break down the resources and recipes made specifically for HOAF patients by the Dr. Yum Project and answer questions from the community submitted by our podcast audience. Listen now to go behind the diagnosis and learn more about how nutrition plays a pivotal role in general health and cancer care. Learn more at

Dr. Vaughn:  [Music playing]  Welcome to “Cancer Shop Talk: Behind the Diagnosis”.  Today, we are speaking with two wonderful physicians about how nutrition can be a tool in bolstering your general health and supporting health during cancer treatments.  We have partnered with Dr. Yum, thrilled to introduce Dr. Nair and Dr. Fernando to the podcast. 


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