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New Patient FAQs

Does HOAF have the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Yes, we began administering the COVID-19 Vaccine to our patients on March 17, 2021. If you are a current HOAF patient, family member, or caregiver email or call 540-371-0079 extension 181 to schedule your vaccine appointment.


What is the Wi-Fi password?

patients (all lowercase)


Can my guest(s) come back with me?

In order to keep our patients, staff, and community safe we are allowing visitors for the following visits:

  • New Oncology Office Visits
  • Patient Education Visit
  • Biopsy Reviews
  • Office Scan Review

EFFECTIVE Monday June 14th, 2021 ONE VISITOR will be allowed in the INFUSION CENTER per patient.  This visitor IS required to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated (at least 14 days post 2nd vaccine).  Please be prepared to have your vaccination card available to show the screener at the front door.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we implement these restrictions.  Keeping you on schedule for your visits and treatments is our number one priority and the best way to ensure this happens is keeping you and our staff safe and healthy.


May I have a copy of my labs?

You can view your lab results on your patient portal once the physician has signed off on them.


Do you have a vending machine?

No. However, we do offer coffee as well as other assorted beverages and snacks in the infusion area and on the exam side.


What kind of foods can I eat?

This depends on your illness and lab work; please discuss your diet with your provider. If you are receiving chemotherapy, we encourage a diet high in protein.


Is it ok to bring food into the infusion center?

Yes. We encourage you to bring snacks or pack a lunch if you expect to have a long infusion.


Why do I have to come in the day before treatment for lab work?

In order to ensure that your body is stable and you are ready for treatment, we ask that you have your lab work done the day before certain chemotherapy regimens. This is a safety measure, as your blood counts, kidney function, and liver function must be assessed prior to certain treatments.


May I get the flu shot?

Yes, with some exceptions, we encourage you to get the flu shot.


Should I take my prescribed meds before chemo?

Yes, please take your other medications at the normal time. You will be instructed at your visit if there are any medicines you should avoid taking while on chemo.


How often should I take my temperature?

Once starting chemotherapy, you should take your temperature twice a day, every day.


How often will I see my doctor?

You will see your oncologist throughout your treatment for scan reviews. You will also meet regularly with one of our advanced practice providers who will manage your symptoms and coordinate any day-to-day care you may need during the course of your treatment. Any patients with emergencies will be accommodated and scheduled with their physician. Please call our office with any questions.


What happens when I finish treatment?

After treatment, you will meet with your oncologist to review any pertinent testing and continue with your plan of care.


Will I lose my hair?

Not all regimens will cause you to lose your hair. If you are receiving a regimen that causes hair loss, it will usually occur after your second cycle of treatment.


Can I go to the dentist?

We ask that you do your best to avoid any dental procedures while on treatment. We understand that dental emergencies sometimes happen and will work with you if you need to see your dentist while on treatment.