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Meet The Owners of an Independent Oncology Practice

Every month we take you behind one of the most feared medical diagnoses: Cancer. Oncologist Dr. Vaughn brings in patients, caregivers, colleagues, and subject matter experts who turn down the fear and turn up the understanding. We are redefining conversations about cancer through the lens of a community independent oncology practice, Hematology Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg.

Four oncologists share their stories and the motivation behind their decision to become owners of an independent oncology practice in a changing world of medicine and cancer treatment. Meet Dr. Maurer, Dr. Menachery, Dr. Whitehurst, and Dr. Vaughn as they roundtable their path to oncology and the patient-focus behind independent practices. 


Gentle Yoga!

We offer gentle yoga to our patients as a means to relax and disconnect. Participants will be encouraged to work at their own capacities, to make adaptations as needed, and to decline to attempt any movement they are unable to do or which makes them uncomfortable in any way. The use of pillows and supports will be offered for their comfort. Each session lasts a little more than one hour. Stretches make up about one half the time and are done mostly sitting (in a chair or floor) or in prone and supine positions.

Please fill out the Class Registration form below—you will be directed to a secure, third-party site in order to complete the form. Once the registration form is completed, please print out and have your primary care physician fill out the Medical Clearance Form in order for you to begin the courses.

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